NEW MUSIC: Brandy & Monica: It All Belongs To Me

Monica and Brandy teamed up once again to let you know that this ish belongs to them! Their song is definitely in the same category as Beyonce’s “Irreplaceable.” However, they added their own unique vocals and style to it. Women if you need to give the boot to a no-no-good. play this song and start boxing up his ish.

Men? You MAD? *evil laugh* yall can never get a break huh? Hide your macbooks and hide your car keys.



Just when I thought Nicki Minaj had lost her “Beam Me Up Scotty” ways, she comes back with a “bang bang.” Not sure if it’s safe to say this is Nicki or Roman or whoever, it has that New York flow that made us first fall in love with the Young Money rapper.

“Take you b-tches to school than I Columbine you h-es” <—My Favorite line in the song. I also favor,  “Shout out to Mack Maine, backyard bully.”

Can we expect more of non-voice-changing-screaming-for-a-whole-bar NICKI for the new album? IDK but I sure Hope so.